IBU-tec advanced materials AG whistleblowing portal

  • Your report will be submitted anonymously and your identity will be unknown to others.

  • Your identity will be disclosed to your company's appointed case managers.

In order to aid in handling your case as good as possible please try to cover these topics:
  • Describe the nature of the wrongdoing.
  • Where did the wrongdoing take place (jurisdiction)?
  • When did the wrongdoing take place (past, current, future, ongoing)?
  • Who is involved in the wrongdoing?
  • Have you reported this previously? If so, what, when and to whom? What action did they take?
  • What is the impact for the organization from your view?
  • Is management involved or aware of the wrongdoing?
  • Are there any risks to you or others?
  • Do you have any documents or other evidence such as pictures to support the report?
  • Is there anyone else with first-hand knowledge we can contact?
  • Has anyone tried to hide this, or tried to discourage you from sharing your concern? If so, please tell us who, and how.