Schenk Tanktransport GmbH whistleblowing portal

Whistleblowing is important, and so is your confidentiality and anonymity. That’s why as a stakeholder (employee, supplier, customer, etc.), you can report misconduct, or suspicion of misconduct safely using Discloser.

This page allows you to report suspected unethical, illegal, or internal policy breaching behaviour of the company, and submit necessary supporting information. In doing so, you are contributing to a safer work environment, and ensuring that the company tackles any incidents of wrongdoing as quickly as possible. Remember, you can file your report confidentially, or anonymously. If you do so confidentially, only the case handler will know your identity. If reported anonymously, your identity will remain 100% anonymous.

From this page, you can either file a new report or check the progress of an existing report. You can follow up on an existing report any time, and will be able to see: